My Health Journey

Your guide on your personal health journey
Designed for kids 5-15 years old


My Health Journey is the new app produced by the Brain Tumor Foundation, BTF Kids and their world-class team of medical and Child Life specialists. Targeted at children with brain tumors and the families who support them. the app introduces children and their families to important places, people and things that they will experience on their own personal health journey and provides tips and hints on how to cope with them.


Play = Less Stress

A hospital can seem intimidating at first. This app is designed to relieve your child’s stress, anxiety, and fear, while entertaining them and making them feel more comfortable in this new environment. “Medical Play” allows children to become familiar with medical equipment and experiences in a way that provides a healthy outlet for frustration, anger and anxiety.


 “My Health Journey” provides interactive scenes and mini-games that allow children and their families to explore and interact with common challenges like:

  • Your first visit to the doctor’s office
  • Getting an MRI
  • Taking a blood sample
  • Managing hair loss during chemotherapy
  • Receiving anesthesia
  • Wearing a radiation mask
  • Monitoring emotions & moods
  • Recovery & returning Home
  • And much more!

The app also includes an exclusive “Parent Area” the allows Parents to privately follow how their child is interacting with the app, what they’re doing and how they’re feeling. It also provides important information, hints and tips that will help make this app a valuable resource and platform for discussion with siblings and other family members.

Doctor & Child Life Approved

The Brain Tumor Foundation (BTF) was founded in 1998 by Patrick J. Kelly, M.D., F.A.C.S., Joseph Ransohoff Professor of Neurosurgery at NYU School of Medicine. The organization’s mission is to guide and support patients and families during the turbulent times following the diagnosis of a brain tumor. BTF educates medical professionals and the public about the need for the early detection of brain tumors while continuing to offer support groups, medical referrals, and cause worthy events.


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